“Involution” means many things…most commonly it refers to a process of involving or complicating, while philosophically it implies turning in upon one’s self. Spiritually it can mean spirit becoming involved with nature, which is a counterpart and prerequisite to evolution and growth.

All these meanings apply when it comes to the creative process of a true artist.
When one lets go of the small mind that over-thinks, is ego conscious, and gets in the way, the Artist can function as a conduit or medium for the natural Self and super mind. It is via this transmission that his/her work becomes infused with the actual life force (prana or kundalini), that allows the work to further develop, transform and manifest in the physical world. In essence, it is merging spirit with matter—and the result is a living, breathing work of art that nourishes as it pleases.   I do my best to realize this process in my own artwork.

Below is my latest mixed media painting called ‘Involution’ at 12×16″ (30x41cm).
I want to convey a feeling here more than necessarily a fixed meaning. I intend for my artwork to be a bit whimsical. There is always a danger in taking one’s self too seriously as an artist, or anybody for that matter. It is really a sense of humor and lightness that I find at the base of any truly enlightening journey. When I fail to feel the joy in what I do, and attempt solely to gratify the common taste, then I fail to really “see” and realize my own natural vision.




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