Pacific Northwest

A new photographic series forms a chronological narrative of various perspectives along my recent journey through the Pacific Northwest in the US. ¬†Photography has always felt natural to me as a way of paying attention to and connecting with my environment. I call it exploring the “spaces within places”. ¬† Enjoy a virtual road trip! … More Pacific Northwest


eclipsed obscured hiddin’ the soul of life the naked truth covered in fixed beliefs and whirlwinds of thought layers of confusion clothes of illusion mental delusion the superfical appearance masking the natural efflulgence and brilliance ‘Eclipsed’ is 20×24″ (51x61cm) acrylic on canvas

On A Whim

intuitive notion spontaneous motion the sheer drama of moment to moment reality ‘On A Whim’ is 11×14″ (28x36cm) acrylic on wood panel