one harmonious infinitude a unified arrangement a non-dual porpoise a single pigeon a soaring eagle one rotating planet a common ground for truth and values all the same lives sharing humanity connecting with nature evolving with the cosmos wholeness not broken by fear and hate only illusions of separation ‘Unity’ is 12×11″ (30x28cm) acrylic on … More Unity


NOCTURNE the naked light of winter reflected in the snow silhouetted by the moon turning night growing cold going home inside soon ‘Nocturne’ is 12×11″ (30x28cm) acrylic on wood


this world of beliefs and perceptions old and new near and afar all happening all at once this world a complex integration a vast confusion yet cosmically ordered and finely tuned immigrating inward projecting outward spiraling onward this world of the same crazy dream going on this world just another speck in the Universe ‘Convolution’ … More Convolution