Cosmic Dance

the tide comes in the dream of the world awakes in countless sun’s delicate matter and supernatural radiance a placeless space appearing at the edge finds eyes of infinity everywhere disappearing into the dance no name for this horizon turning ahead of the curve the tide goes out ‘Cosmic Dance’ is 14×11″ (36x28cm) acrylic on … More Cosmic Dance


subtle acuity discernment with awareness qualities of taste nourishment substance and true nature like weeding out a garden to let the food grow bringing out the best letting go of the rest ‘Sensibility’ is 11×14″ (28x36cm) acrylic on canvas


paradoxes stuck in boxes creating confusion with a separate illusion the same things in different places mirroring unique spaces home yet not home together and alone outside but inside too neither up nor down lost or found a little bit here a little bit there like life in death death in life one breath simple … More Conundrum

Harmonic Convergence

words only music can describe tingling across the piano of consciousness entering elemental realms of natural planetary rhythms merging into the air of spaces between energy changing ‘Harmonic Convergence’ is 12×12″ (30x30cm) acrylic on wood panel more paintings at my freshly updated website


honest reflections of a natural self un-masked in ageless wonder and essence a unique experience not uniform but unified in variation true to form ‘Self-portrait’ is 16×20″ (41x51cm) acrylic on canvas


a painter painting a flower from the vine a quiet dog listening in the sand perceptible but abstract connections to the source ageless presence from an ancient land circling through an endless sky the emanating ground of all things origins ‘Emanation’ is 12×12″ (30x30cm) acrylic on wood visit my artist website at for more … More Emanation


one harmonious infinitude a unified arrangement a non-dual porpoise a single pigeon a soaring eagle one rotating planet a common ground for truth and values all the same lives sharing humanity connecting with nature evolving with the cosmos wholeness not broken by fear and hate only illusions of separation ‘Unity’ is 12×11″ (30x28cm) acrylic on … More Unity


NOCTURNE the naked light of winter reflected in the snow silhouetted by the moon turning night growing cold going home inside soon ‘Nocturne’ is 12×11″ (30x28cm) acrylic on wood


this world of beliefs and perceptions old and new near and afar all happening all at once this world a complex integration a vast confusion yet cosmically ordered and finely tuned immigrating inward projecting outward spiraling onward this world of the same crazy dream going on this world just another speck in the Universe ‘Convolution’ … More Convolution

Wu Wei

hearts in rhythm with the beat of life waves in succession with the flow of nature not running to not running from just walking every move action free ‘Wu Wei’ is 12×9″ (30x23cm) acrylic on wood panel “Wei-wu-wei, the action of nonaction, is the central paradox of Taoism” for more ideas on this subject check out … More Wu Wei


Even in the darkest of times we need a sense of lightness in our lives to go with the sober reflection.  It becomes essential for health and sanity, but it must be natural, and can’t be forced.  When one takes their life and what they do to seriously it becomes dangerous.  Mirth does not imply one … More Levity

Earth Strong

warm hearted not robot natural being growing changing evolving feeling joy gratitude empathy love ‘Earth Strong’ is 48×36″ (122x91cm) acrylic on canvas (please check out my freshly updated website for more paintings)


a town in Iowa an emperor of Aztec a national forest in Colorado an opera by Vivaldi a word that paints a feeling ‘Montezuma’ is 7 x 14″ (18x36cm) acrylic on canvas


every movement changing in harmonious accord one mind of contrast a reflection of present wholeness equanimity and stillness ‘Concordance’ is 12×10″ (30x25cm) acrylic on wood  

Pacific Northwest

A new photographic series forms a chronological narrative of various perspectives along my recent journey through the Pacific Northwest in the US.  Photography has always felt natural to me as a way of paying attention to and connecting with my environment. I call it exploring the “spaces within places”.   Enjoy a virtual road trip! … More Pacific Northwest


eclipsed obscured hiddin’ the soul of life the naked truth covered in fixed beliefs and whirlwinds of thought layers of confusion clothes of illusion mental delusion the superfical appearance masking the natural efflulgence and brilliance ‘Eclipsed’ is 20×24″ (51x61cm) acrylic on canvas

On A Whim

intuitive notion spontaneous motion the sheer drama of moment to moment reality ‘On A Whim’ is 11×14″ (28x36cm) acrylic on wood panel


present focused observant the artist gets to work getting to the point finding a vision in the keen mind of attention ‘Keen’ is 8×10″ (20x25cm) acrylic on canvas


making the point of connection showing myself the way in ‘Nexus’ is 20×24″ (51x61cm) acrylic on canvas


truth naturally resisting what is false finding it’s way through impediment overcoming a death in life’s endurance My painting ‘Resistance’ is 11×14″ (28x36cm) acrylic on wood panel


following through keeping this new moving into point forth forthcoming and furthermore My painting ‘Furthermore‘ is 16×20″ (41x51cm), acrylic on canvas

Summer Twilight Hues

These are pictures I took alongside Highway 287 in northern Colorado around the Summer Solstice 2017.   This is a road I’ve traveled often mostly through desolate high country.  The sky never fails to paint a new picture every time…