stimulating imagination
precipitating growth
developing outreach
bringing out the best
in the evolutionary
process of consciousness

here to there
known to unknown
and unfolding

‘Catalyst’ is 12×12″ (30x30cm) acrylic on canvas

New Paradigm

new paradigm20x20

the old world
creaky and slow
rusted but sure

paving the way
down dark highways
through ancient forests

into the light
of a new day’s
perpetual wonder
and hope

‘New Paradigm’ is 20×20″ (51x51cm) acrylic on canvas



live and let loose
like a moose
or a bear there
and whatever else
wanders near here
as shapes of things
in search of
the shifting sky

‘Shapeshifter’ is 18×24″ (46x61cm) acrylic on canvas


triunity 18x24

standing still
none alone
all together
not apart

of the whole
on a roll
to the one
in the zone

‘Triunity’ is 18×24″ (46x61cm) acrylic on canvas

Modalities of Time

modalities of time15x20

the ancient sky turning
cycles within cycles
wheels inside wheels
without beginning or end
not fixed
always changing

it’s origin
a mystery
the best moments

‘Modalities of Time’ is 15×20″ (38x51cm) acrylic on board


a leap of the imagination
crossing rivers
across mountains
down to a glimpse
of the impossible

unusual patterns
from unknown spaces
in the architecture
of dreams
form the substrate
of the beyond

‘Exotic’ is 16×20″ (41x51cm) acrylic on canvas



a clear balance
between lines
from days ahead
telling time
drawing signs
in the sky
of infinity

‘Peaceful’ is 12×12″ (30x30cm) acrylic on canvas



delicate moments
beside flickering shadows
in quiet spaces

arranging words
easily broken
never quite spoken

‘Fragile’ is 12×12″ (30x30cm) acrylic on canvas

Mountain Summer (part 3)

I have been getting up to the mountains at least every other week this summer and generally hike between 10-15 miles.  Even though this time of year is populated with tourists, I am learning to integrate others into my solitude.  It can be nice to see people from all over the country and world, and I still find my space on the trail after a mile or two.  These pictures are from above 11,000 feet (3353 meters) in Rocky Mountain National Park here in Colorado.

(click smaller images to enlarge)

A Marmot posing for a couple pictures and a herd of Elk above treeline.  Marmots hibernate for over half the year and this is an especially active time for them.

Views of 14,255 feet (4345 meters) Longs Peak from near the summit of 12,362 feet (3768 meters) Flattop Mountain.

View of Longs Peak from above Emerald Lake.

longs peak

Little Pika taking in the views.  Unlike the Marmot, Pikas do not hibernate and stay active
all winter.

pikapika 2

One more of a Marmot keeping watch.




vast and subtle spaces
of mystery and wonder
excitement and awe

attention in expansion
retraction into delicacy
tiny fragments
amidst the whole

atop the fire
everything a part
nothing apart

‘Spellbound’ is 16×20″ (41x51cm) acrylic on canvas



by zero

the great

‘Zero’ is 12×12″ (30x30cm) acrylic on canvas

Mountain Summer (part 2)

Photographs from recent long hikes between 10-11,000 feet in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  What a small life of mine compared to the ancient rocks.  A lifetime is short.  The river is timeless.  In losing myself I move beyond and into something more found in ceaseless flowing of the natural elements profound in their reflection of the Cosmos.  I grasp a moment for a second and then it all changes.  My true name nameless in the void.  Full in it’s infinity.  One with mountains.  Rich in spirit.

header image



in the end
the last day
coming home

‘Omega’ is 16×20″ (41x51cm) acrylic on canvas

Mountain Summer (part 1)

The mountains beckon me closer with a recent trip to Rocky Mountain National Park in
Northern Colorado.  It was my first trip into the mountains this year from where I live about 50 miles east of the park in the high plains.  Even though I have spent over 15 years around the region the original sense of awe and wonder never really dissipates.  These pictures are small slivers of the day’s experience. I enjoy taking and sharing pictures, but they can never quite capture the air and constantly changing discovery of timeless natural rugged beauty in this vast space.


Bear Lake

look for the Marmot in the center of the picture in the rocks

A sign on Trail Ridge Road at about 11,000 feet. The road reaches an elevation of over 12,000 feet (3657 meters)



constant change
brings discovery
new connection
and re-invention

taking shape
in roots of form
as enigmas of perception
growing intertwined

timeless and ubiquitous
present and real

‘Possibilites’ is 16×20″ (41x51cm) acrylic on canvas

Cosmic Logic

cosmic logic16x20

reason unattended
contemplating the air
of spaces between
energy changing

not illogical
but ecological
morphing of ideas
from the unknown

‘Cosmic Logic’ is 16×20″ (41x51cm) acrylic on canvas

Connecting the Dots

connecting the dots12x16

mind points
to the sky
with the starlit night
imagining insight

feet planted on earth
holding steady
breathing in
letting out
going home

‘Connecting the Dots’ is 12×16″ (30x41cm) acrylic on canvas

Spring Snow

I often pay attention to the aesthetic of common spaces and how they constantly change and appear new.   These pictures are the morning after a mid-April spring snowstorm
from where I live in Northern Colorado.  At first glance they can appear almost like surrealist paintings, but looking closer they are the baseball batting cages at the local park.

4-17-20 2

4-17-20 1

4-17-20 3

4-17-20 4



in the beginning
planting seeds
unfolding potential
as the end
still forming

‘Inception’ is 16×20″ (41x51cm) acrylic on canvas



a break in the system
a leak through the cracks
into the seams
of dreams

an error of imperfection
perfect in it’s place

‘Glitch’ is 20×20″ (51x51cm) acrylic on canvas

At the Crossroads

a world at the crossroads
attention shifted
lives re-arranged
stuck in
no clear way out
wondering when
and then what
direction to take?

There is an opportunity at this crossroads to at least wonder what are the possibilities?
Inertia is temporary.  The earth is still in a spin.  We know our lives will move again.  A new direction will be established.  But for now, embracing the change and the uncertainty seems part of the process of evolution.  It is the unknown that essentially drives us forward inspiring artists, philosophers and scientists alike.

We are all creatures of habit and likewise live in conditioned patterns.  But when those patterns are broken, it becomes necessary to think differently and perhaps a bit more unconventionally.  Removed from a sense of the so-called normal, one can let go of their complacency and be creative, intuitive, ingenuous and even responsibly daring in order to find solutions.  This takes an open mind and a willingness to accept fresh ideas and a break from familiar routines and comfort zones.  The creative process, like the evolutionary, allows one to find a movement and direction whereby one can align with their own true nature.  It can heal and re-shape our whole reality as fear and anxiety are channeled and transformed into some kind of artistic or mental clarity.  At this point, introspection and creativity are not luxuries but necessities both for sanity and survival.  As well, a sense of modesty can be an asset rather than a weakness.

Here a person transcends labels and finds a deeper quality to their existence with a greater potential in being human.  A peace and a joy can still be found despite the unhealthy chaos of the outer world and it’s negative effect on our system.  Perhaps here the musician finds a soothing tone and the painter a certain playfulness within to color and uplift a darkened world.  Or it might be an ability to assimilate the darkness in a way that it can be experienced and overcome rather than repressed.  We have seen instances of the above throughout history.  Some of the best and most moving work comes from a time of tribulation and social upheaval without.  Our basic nature is joyful, and our human spirit calls us in as part of the eternal and timeless spirit of the Cosmos unaffected by the world and it’s changes.

But nevertheless today’s news does affect our day to day being.  This new world of social distancing, closures and cancellations on top of the sickness and loss of life can be heartbreaking and painful, yet it is also an opportunity for inner growth and an increased awareness of our own humanity, inter-connection with nature, and one’s place in it.  The picture is never entirely of one form or the other, but is a little bit of both.  It’s okay to enjoy this stay at the crossroads and possible to rise above the turmoil at least in our minds and hearts.  Here a new world awaits and everyone has their own self to guide them in the direction that they choose.  It’s an opportunity to be free.


‘Crosscurrents’ is 16×20″ (41x51cm) acrylic on canvas

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the galaxy
still spinning
another revolution

steady at work
easy at play
in a slow evolution
progress finds a way

‘Spindrifter’ is 12×12″ (30x30cm) acrylic on canvas

The title is inspired by an instrumental
by piano player Nicky Hopkins found here