truth naturally resisting what is false finding it’s way through impediment overcoming a death in life’s endurance My painting ‘Resistance’ is 11×14″ (28x36cm) acrylic on wood panel


following through keeping this new moving into point forth forthcoming and furthermore My painting ‘Furthermore‘ is 16×20″ (41x51cm), acrylic on canvas

Summer Twilight Hues

These are pictures I took alongside Highway 287 in northern Colorado around the Summer Solstice 2017.   This is a road I’ve traveled often mostly through desolate high country.  The sky never fails to paint a new picture every time…

Intrinsic Relation

No matter what nation, race or particular upbringing it seems we share an inherent connection, and belonging naturally to similar feelings about our human existence.  We are all capable of interpreting the same universal language of love, nature, colors, sounds and ideas.  This seems to be our essential reality when we take away some of … More Intrinsic Relation


moving with the branches bending before breaking horses jumping past fences flexible graceful loose open free My latest painting ‘Finesse’ is 8×10″ (20x25cm) acrylic on canvas

Gray Area

In a world of divisions, it seems most people wind up taking fixed positions. It’s either black or white, this or that, for or against, all or nothing, but the reality might be more like most people are a little bit of many things. The day and night will both remain whether we choose to … More Gray Area


river running deep river running slow mountain going home mind flowing to time rolling through a candle melting asleep for a thousand lifetimes awake for one continuous moment My latest painting ‘Continuity’ is 8×10″ (20x25cm) acrylic on canvas.


METAMORPHOSIS change maker shape shifter in the works chorus to bridge mountain to sky star to dust transformation transition in phase My latest painting titled ‘Metamorphosis’ is 20×24″ (51x61cm) acrylic on canvas. More paintings on my recently updated website

Sakshi (witness)

watching the watcher letting the wheel spin keeper of the quiet always beginning never ending flow being minus involvement witnessing the world waiting for nobody neither affected nor interfering just observing eye of pure awareness all-encompassing reflective being animate seer immortal glow Sakshi is an ancient Indian Sanskrit word for “witness”.  In Vedic philosophy it … More Sakshi (witness)


Sound and the vision have always been closely related in my creative process. They are both based upon “listening”, and start from a space of quiet awareness. Sound evokes feeling, and feeling gives shape to natural, subtle forms. These shapes are seen in the light of the harmony and proportion that the music lends. Our … More Resonance


In southeast Wyoming between Laramie and Cheyenne, there is a mythical-like outcropping of ancient rock formations called Vedauwoo.  Vedauwoo is a variant of the Arapahoe Indian word biito’o’wu, which means “earthborn”.  The playful outcroppings were formed by 1.4 billion year old Sherman Granite.  Humans are believed to have inhabited the area 8000 or more years ago. This … More Vedauwoo


Cosmos is the ancient Greek word for “the subtle order and inter-connectedness of the Universe.” Amidst our chaos there is also a cosmic design at play. We can see this simply by observing the spinning orbits of the planets, and viewing the spiral arms of the galaxy. The Universe is intricately put together — there … More Cosmos


GATEWAY an open door to within and beyond: portal of space between worlds finite and infinite the gate watching, leading out taking us in bringing us back through an entrance to experience, outside/inside mountain valley earth moon and stars the place of home the point of being a passage to freedom, a gateway to the … More Gateway

Raven Tree

The image of the Raven contains lore and symbolism based on unique interpretations —  sometimes a harbinger of darkness; at other times a magical and positive transformation.  In Native American cultures, the Raven is a trickster of sorts and symbolizes the supernatural change in consciousness, healing what’s darkened or broken. There is the darkness of … More Raven Tree


Our lives on earth are filled with cycles of completion. There’s a time to come, and a time to go. The river runs a course; the house gets built — there’s nothing else to do. It’s precisely then we find ourselves at the cusp of another beginning. A new path lies ahead, perhaps in the … More Completion


The word Zen is often used as a colloquial expression, similar to the word Art. Anything is zen; everything is art; everyone is a genius, but we know that isn’t completely true. Zen actually refers to a philosophy, study and practice of attention that can take years to develop, and understand. A real artist generally … More Zen


Substratum: an underlying layer or substance; a foundation or basis of something that supports another Rationally and intuitively it would seem that beneath the currents of division in our lives — the us and them’s, the relative dark and light, the left and right — is something that exists more whole, transparent and absolute. It … More Substratum

Fighting Dragons

Fighting Dragons fleeting words project downstream rising on the surface to burn what is the truth? you must be honest and fire proof to fight dragons and free to chase rainbows ~M.J.Safran 11/14/2016 Artwork by Kay Nielsen (from a card I scanned)


Divertimento is an 18th century Italian word for a lighthearted, informal, and entertaining musical composition.  It originally refers to classical ensemble chamber music.  I discovered the word as a song on the back of a  Modern Jazz Quartet  album from 1960 titled The Modern Jazz Quartet and Orchestra.  The album is an interesting fusion of … More Divertimento


“Involution” means many things…most commonly it refers to a process of involving or complicating, while philosophically it implies turning in upon one’s self. Spiritually it can mean spirit becoming involved with nature, which is a counterpart and prerequisite to evolution and growth. All these meanings apply when it comes to the creative process of a … More Involution

Wind River

I’ve always loved rivers.  They reflect our lives moving and changing, yet amidst that flow, there is also a sense of a feeling more everlasting.   There is a presence, and a peace we find when there is no more resistance, and when we can be the change.  And then there is the wind blowing with … More Wind River

Common Spaces

While traveling the US visiting friends and family, I usually take the time to appreciate how various spaces make me feel.  There is real history and a story in an old sign, lighthouse, bridge, or building.  As well, it’s interesting how the creations of humans contrast with the surrounding nature and return to it. My photographs … More Common Spaces


My dictionary simply says, “evenness of mind; composure” — It can also mean paying mindful attention, and keeping the right attitude. This idea holds at the core of my creative process.  As my first post, and as a way to get this blog rolling, I’d like to share a recent 2016 painting called ‘Equanimity’.  It … More Equanimity