far away up in mountains far gone drawing mind maps far down making waves ‘Far’ is 8×10″ (20x25cm) acrylic on canvas Advertisements

High Fidelity

the art of listening resonating modulating molding sound from air from hearing being here between the spaces of notes aligning frequencies ‘High Fidelity’ is 11×14″ (28x36cm) acrylic on canvas

Archaic Branches

archaic branches touch the sky reaching out beyond fear present in death gone but still here calling attention to life that surrounds watching the seasons spinning around the bare stillness of time unrecorded blown away by the wind —- photograph from Autumn Equinox 2019 Bobcat Ridge Nature Area Larimer County, Colorado


graceful accord movements in balance no resistance to expand and evolve open and revolve breathe and resolve the finer points of natural harmony ‘Harmony’ is 17×17″ (43x43cm) acrylic on canvas please visit my freshly updated artist website at mjsaf.com

Cosmic Structure

endless variables perfect mistakes and subtle nuance playing together in the grand design ‘Cosmic Structure’ is 17×17″ (43x43cm) acrylic on canvas A companion to a previous painting ‘Interstellar Traveler’ also 17×17″

Without Within

without the universe within the heart ‘Without Within’ is 17×17″ (43x43cm) acrylic on canvas A companion to my previous post ‘Within Without’ also 17×17″

Within Without

  within not of the world introverted night like moments and history dreams and visions without in the world extroverted day light memories and history thoughts and decisions within and without projecting scenes on the same screen of consciousness ‘Within Without’ is 14×18″ (36x46cm) acrylic on canvas

Empty Beach

an empty beach does not deceive nor the brisk breeze which keeps away the crowd noone to control no lies to believe just sea to see sand to sift and here to hear (photo from north of Heceta Head on the Oregon Coast)

Arcane Notions

mysterious pathways leading into deep secrets of a forgotten realm remind the traveler to look beyond where lies the truth of one’s journey ‘Arcane Notions’ is 8×10″ (20x25cm) acrylic on canvas

River Time

keeping the flow but not pushing against letting happen but not making happen the way the river works (picture of the McKenzie River in Willamette National Forest, Oregon)

Order in Chaos

chaos leads to order order leads back to chaos an organized mess everything seemingly at once each moment synchronous in the way that it is ‘Order in Chaos’ is 12×16″ (30x41cm) acrylic on canvas

Split Seconds

split seconds fractions of minutes dividing the hours day by day fast and slow in the timeless whole ‘Split Seconds’ is 12×16″ (31x41cm) acrylic on canvas

Seattle Summer 2018

A photographer’s eye is part of the art of seeing that forms a symbiosis with my painting process.  While visiting Seattle in July and August 2018 I enjoyed walking around and picking out some of the subtle lines, art and geometry of a rapidly changing city under construction.   More photos can be found here on … More Seattle Summer 2018

Walk in Beauty

walk in balance slow and spacious earth to wind mind to sky all directions walk in peace from love within unfolding reflecting beauty all around ‘Walk in Beauty’ is 11×14″ (28x36cm) acrylic on canvas

Course to Nowhere

on a course leading nowhere sometimes happiness other times tired and sad around the corner through to somewhere places come and go spaces turn within other faces become stranger also on a course circling growing dying flying to the skyway leading out going now-here (photograph of the Washington Pacific Coast September 2018)


cool n mellow up n swingin’ alive n singin’ ‘Groovy’ is 12×16″ (30x41cm) acrylic on canvas