vast and subtle spaces of mystery and wonder excitement and awe attention in expansion retraction into delicacy tiny fragments amidst the whole atop the fire everything a part nothing apart ‘Spellbound’ is 16×20″ (41x51cm) acrylic on canvas


everything multiplied by zero equals nothing zero the great neutralizer ‘Zero’ is 12×12″ (30x30cm) acrylic on canvas


completion in the end the last day before coming home ‘Omega’ is 16×20″ (41x51cm) acrylic on canvas


constant change brings discovery new connection and re-invention taking shape in roots of form as enigmas of perception growing intertwined timeless and ubiquitous present and real ‘Possibilites’ is 16×20″ (41x51cm) acrylic on canvas

Cosmic Logic

reason unattended contemplating the air of spaces between energy changing not illogical but ecological morphing of ideas from the unknown ‘Cosmic Logic’ is 16×20″ (41x51cm) acrylic on canvas

Connecting the Dots

mind points to the sky connecting intersecting synchronous with the starlit night imagining insight feet planted on earth holding steady breathing in letting out going home ‘Connecting the Dots’ is 12×16″ (30x41cm) acrylic on canvas

Spring Snow

I often pay attention to the aesthetic of common spaces and how they constantly change and appear new.   These pictures are the morning after a mid-April spring snowstorm from where I live in Northern Colorado.  At first glance they can appear almost like surrealist paintings, but looking closer they are the baseball batting cages at … More Spring Snow


in the beginning planting seeds unfolding potential learning expanding regenerating as the end still forming ‘Inception’ is 16×20″ (41x51cm) acrylic on canvas


a break in the system a leak through the cracks into the seams of dreams an error of imperfection perfect in it’s place ‘Glitch’ is 20×20″ (51x51cm) acrylic on canvas

At the Crossroads

a world at the crossroads attention shifted lives re-arranged stuck in no clear way out wondering when and then what direction to take? There is an opportunity at this crossroads to at least wonder what are the possibilities? Inertia is temporary.  The earth is still in a spin.  We know our lives will move again.  … More At the Crossroads


the galaxy still spinning another revolution unprecedented steady at work easy at play in a slow evolution progress finds a way ‘Spindrifter’ is 12×12″ (30x30cm) acrylic on canvas The title is inspired by an instrumental by piano player Nicky Hopkins found here


stillness in motion gently flowing cool with grace clearing a path yet trackless through currents floating along thoughts seen forms soon gone passing on ‘Fluidity’ is 11×14″ (28x36cm) acrylic on canvas

On the Level

not at the top nor on the bottom down to earth on the level seeds pop roots deepen growing emerging ‘On the Level’ is 12×12″ (30x30cm) acrylic on canvas Visit my freshly updated website at mjsaf.com

Star Gate

a portal opening to the sky in the backyard beyond endless connections as solar reflections stars for everyone to wish upon ‘Star Gate’ is 12×16″ (30x41cm) acrylic on canvas


east versus west or east and west? big or small down or up run or walk is it one or is it two? dichotomy persists yet it’s the same contrast of names that always change sometimes this sometimes that nothing exists by itself a little bit here a little bit there everything exists together ‘Synthesis … More Synthesis


peace on earth with the birth of a new year letting go of fear time resolves hearts evolve problems solve ‘Accord’ is 17×17″ (43x43cm) acrylic on canvas a companion with ‘Harmony’


traction in the rain footing in the sand a grip on the road holding steady always ready for change ‘Traction’ is 11×14″ (28x36cm) acrylic on canvas


far away up in mountains far gone drawing mind maps far down making waves ‘Far’ is 8×10″ (20x25cm) acrylic on canvas

High Fidelity

the art of listening resonating modulating molding sound from air from hearing being here between the spaces of notes aligning frequencies ‘High Fidelity’ is 11×14″ (28x36cm) acrylic on canvas

Archaic Branches

archaic branches touch the sky reaching out beyond fear present in death gone but still here calling attention to life that surrounds watching the seasons spinning around the bare stillness of time unrecorded blown away by the wind —- photograph from Autumn Equinox 2019 Bobcat Ridge Nature Area Larimer County, Colorado